Gunk in closed ear piercing hole

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It'll get the gunk out before it builds up. It'll get the gunk out before it builds up.


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If the hole appears to be fully closed, there’s no way to re-open it yourself—forcing jewelry through will result in a bloody, open wound and possibly an.


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This a common cause.

24 L) of water and soak the area with a damp cotton ball.

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This may improve just by leaving the piercing out for a.

Jun 12, 2020 · Simple, sure, but effective: Rubbing alcohol is a cleaner, a solvent (meaning it can dissolve buildup), and a disinfectant, making it a quick and easy way to remove all that gunk and sanitize the metal.

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Jan 1, 2014 · Answer: Nodules and drainage from an ear piercing could be signs of an epidermal inclusion cyst.

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Dip four cotton balls into the solution.


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Repeat these steps twice a day, Ensure that you are overdoing it.


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I am sorry to hear that you had your ear pierced for some time, and that two years after the piercing, the hole as closed up and now there's a lump in your ear.

This will smell differently depending on each person - some will have a waxy scent, and others will have the distinctive behind-the-ear smell constantly.

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If the earlobe is significantly swollen or there is pus coming from the ear, then the earring hole is most likely closed.

make sure it gets in the holes.

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The gunk stinks.


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As the piercing hole heals and you have the earrings sitting in there, the dead cells, dirt, and all other debris will build up, forming that annoying black gunk.

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So you might actually have fewer problems if you started wearing hypoallergenic sterling silver earrings because there wouldn't be that empty hole for gunk to get in.

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Upon inspection I noticed I had a lot of gunk in my fistula and so began to attempt to squeeze it out.

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Insert the earring into the piercing hole.

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Not sure if it's the same in your case, but my DR told me it's a "calcium buildup inside an open airway".